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But the most convincing pitch for Co—Star is most likely in your hand right this second. Co—Star has more than 50, That said, visibility is up, thanks to technology. Now there are apps—and push notifications. Of course, they were designed that way. Even the not-so-savage notifications can be transformational. Allison Nolden, 24, had to turn them off entirely.

The Minneapolis-based graphic designer just found them to be too damn intense. The vibe inside Mood Ring is similar to the one inside the app: cheeky yet chill, cool in a hipster-y sort of way. Everyone here probably has Co—Star downloaded on their iPhones. Maybe one day, birth charts will be something Fortune companies pay for instead of, say, the Myers—Briggs Type Indicator.

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What you want is real. Type keyword s to search. By Jen Ortiz. Related Story. Jen Ortiz Deputy Editor, Cosmopolitan As deputy editor, Jen helps oversee Cosmopolitan's daily digital editorial operations, editing and contributing features, profiles, essays, news, and more. More From Astrology.

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    Download Maitreya 8 0 1. Your dealings with Mars signs? Be it sex, fights, work.

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