Cancer 2020 love horoscope: Liberty doesn’t inspire everyone

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Although this might sound like a dramatic statement, you already know it's true. You started getting major glimpses of the shifts in when the eclipses first began crossing your sign and your partnership sign, Capricorn. This year, it will be even more intense, as the eclipses finish through your relationship sector while Saturn wraps up his stay in the same area of your chart.


But first, the most important celestial event of the monumental Saturn-Pluto conjunction that will occur in your partnership sector on January These conjunctions happen every 20 years and they represent the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. In you enter into deep and fulfilling relationships.

Cancer Horoscope 2020

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  8. In you will become more confident in work and career. Read your full horoscope Cancer, click here. This year can bring a radical revolutionary change in the field of work.

    follow link Read your full horoscope Leo, click here. Your ideas can be gold mines in Read your full horoscope Virgo, click here. The most compatible signs for Taurus are Virgo, Capricorn, and Scorpio.

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    7. They will be good partners for Taurus both physically, and emotionally. Leo and Aquarius are the worst choices for Taurus in , the relationships with them being full of conflicts and jealousy. Romantically and sexually, Taurus will get along with the people born under the same sign, and also with Gemini and Sagittarius, the latter however more in business than sentimentally. Cancer and Pisces can also fall in love with Taurus this year, especially in the second part of the year.

      They will have no issues finding a compatible partner, and they will be happy and fulfilled in love.

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